Which is the best food for bone filling?

If a person or woman has osteoporosis or if you want to avoid this disease, make sure to use these things in your diet.

1. Green vegetables

Photo: Courtesy of HHD Research
We all think that calcium is present only in milk or milk products, while it is not, calcium is found in abundance in green vegetables other than milk, including cabbage, spinach, turnip leaves and other such green vegetables.  

These green vegetables are not only rich in calcium nutrition but also contain potassium in abundance, which is very helpful in curing the fullness of bones.

2۔ آلو

Photo: Courtesy of HHD Research
Potatoes do not contain so much calcium and vitamin D, but potatoes contain such a nutrient that is very useful for bone disease, magnesium and potassium are abundant in potatoes, which is very important for bone strength.

 You should either boil and eat these potatoes or fry them because frying and eating potatoes destroys all its nutrition.

3. citrus fruit

Photo: Courtesy of HHD Research
Everyone is aware that vitamin C is found in abundance in citrus fruits, but you may not know that this vitamin C has magical benefits to protect bones from being full.

4۔ Almonds

5۔ گُڑ



The use of sugar causes bone weakness, if you start using jaggery instead of sugar in your diet, it will be very beneficial because jaggery contains calcium which prevents bones from weakening.