Why do scientists have hope for the world’s loneliest tree on the question of environment?

New Zealand scientists hope the world’s loneliest old tree on Campbell Island can help them unravel the mystery of climate change.

There is no definitive evidence as to when this 9-meter-tall Sitka Spruce tree was planted on an island in the South Seas of New Zealand, but it is believed to have been planted around 1900.

This cypress tree is considered to be the loneliest tree in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Remotest Tree on the Planet” and is the only tree within a radius of 222 km.

The tree may still be of interest to scientists, but Dr Jocelyn Turnbull, head of radiocarbon science at GNS Science, believes the tree could be an important tool for measuring how much the Southern Ocean absorbs carbon dioxide. May be.

Dr. Joslin says that only half of the carbon dioxide we produce from using fossil fuels is left behind, while the other half is absorbed by the land and oceans.

Dr. Joslin says that studies on the amount of carbon dioxide absorption in the Southern Ocean have come up with conflicting results, but the current theory is that the amount of carbon dioxide absorption has increased and we understand that. Want to know if so what is causing it.

He said that the best way to collect data for this purpose is to collect air samples from the atmosphere with CO2 concentration or take carbon dating of water samples from the deep sea, but you cannot take such air samples. Which was 30 years ago because now there is no trace of his name left there.

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“That’s why we decided to work on the idea that we could study the colors of trees because trees grow exponentially and carbon dioxide absorbed from the air changes their colors,” he said. Remains imprisoned.

He said that trees can be a very useful source of information in this regard, but trees are very rare near the South Sea and our team believes that this loneliest and oldest cypress tree provides very informative data. can do.

He said that cypress trees grow faster than anything else in the region and are easy to record because they have large rings and are easy to distinguish.

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