Why don’t the kids sleep?

Why don’t children sleep? There are many possible reasons for this.

The biggest reason is that children are usually made to sleep in a separate bed and a separate room. In such a situation, children become afraid of being separated from parents, thinking of themselves as lonely and helpless. Therefore, the darkness, silence and loneliness of the night together create a sense of fear in them. In such an environment, it becomes difficult for the child to sleep.

According to psychologists, children live in an environment full of parents’ love and love all day, they are accustomed to it but suffer from it while sleeping, so this feeling of deprivation creates a feeling of fear and loneliness in them. Of course, when the child is growing up, he should also make it a habit to sleep separately.

According to experts, an easy and practical way to solve the problem of children’s sleep is to make their sleeping routine regular. By setting their bedtime, they should be obliged to sleep at the same time. Do not let the lights in the room turn off half an hour before turning off any sports etc. This can make the child sleepy.

Instead, engage the child in some light work so that the day’s movement is reduced. Light tasks like changing night clothes, cleaning teeth, etc. will prepare the child mentally that it is time to sleep.

Bedtime routines may vary due to differences in children’s moods and habits. For example, some children like to hear stories from their parents, some children like to tell their parents their school and day-long engagements, some children sleep with their favorite toys with them. And some children are used to sleeping while listening to lullabies.

Domestic issues such as divorce, quarrels, losing someone’s job are also some of the reasons that negatively affect the child’s sleep. These issues are discussed vigorously. Even if there is no noise in the house, the blood of the family is opening, patience and tolerance are lacking, anger and anger arise at the slightest thing.

When the time comes to put the children to sleep, parents should not do anything that keeps the child awake. Turning off the lights of the room, burning the necessary night bulbs helps them sleep. If they are big in the house, they should not make noise. Sometimes the sound of the fan also helps to sleep, such noise also helps children to sleep.

Infants and infants are usually sewn in a lap or in a cradle. When the child falls asleep, he is put to bed. This method is not appropriate. If you sew your child on your lap, lay him on the bed after he sleeps, it will mean that at some point in the night when his eye opens, he will not be afraid to find himself in your lap. He would think he slept somewhere else, but how did he get here at that time? This question will instill fear in him.

The baby may start crying and lose sleep. Therefore, it is important that when the child starts feeling tired, he should lie on the bed and pat him. An important thing for infant mothers, some mothers breastfeed the baby while sleeping.

Consider what is the routine of sleeping a child? Some children are very annoying while sleeping, they become irritable. Sometimes they ask to hear another story and sometimes they ask to go somewhere else in the middle of the night. If one of his wishes is fulfilled, the other request is expressed. As much as he is threatened, he is not ready to sleep.

According to experts, this child is a process of growth, it should not be worried about it. Yes! If the child disturbs while sleeping for a month or more, it should be taken seriously. Some children insist before going to bed because they want to get the attention of their parents. Sometimes sadness surrounds him. At such times, the child sometimes wants to put pressure on the parents and listen to his words.

If such a situation arises with you, keep your tone low and your mood cool, talk to the child with love. If you know that the child wants your attention, comfort him with love, comfort him and make him believe that now you have drunk milk, now it is time to sleep, sleep! At that very moment, get out of his bed and come to your bed.

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons why children do not sleep is fear in children. They also imagine ghosts, jinns, witches, etc. in their minds.

In the darkness of the night, they feel all this in the shadows of curtains, in the doors. Sometimes anxiety imposes the idea of a ghost on the child’s mind, which prevents the child from sleeping, in which case the false concept of ghost phantom needs to be removed from his mind because the child is afraid alone.

One way to remove his fear can be to find the ghost with the child in the game and then tell that there is no ghost here, even if you are afraid. If the child is afraid, then sit next to him and talk to him lightly, so that the fear goes out of his mind.

Child psychologists say that understand that the child wants to keep himself under your protection. You are not competing with your child, so do not force the child, it is not appropriate to beat him. If the children do not sleep, do not try to force them to sleep and beat them.

Once the child sleeps, he should keep sleeping. According to American expert Dr. Linda, “A child needs to be taught to sleep all night like he learns to walk and speak.” At the age of seven or eight, the boy slept with his father and the girl slept with his mother. And if they grow up, the children’s beds should be separated. It is also a Shari’ah ruling and a social moral obligation. If you have made a routine of sleeping and the child is not able to follow it, then consider whether you are being strict on the child as a parent. This is an important question, it needs a lot of attention and care.

On weekends, if the child sleeps late at night, do not care if he wakes up late, but do not sleep for too long. If the child sleeps late at night and wakes up late, the inevitable result will be that he will not sleep at his usual time the next night. As a result, it will be difficult to lift it on the working day, so the child’s schedule should be relaxed as much as appropriate.

The matter of the child’s sleep is very delicate and important, so follow it carefully because the child’s sleep routine is correct and good sleep is a guarantee of good health.