If the conditions set by the IMF are met, inflation will go up by 50%: Imran Khan

According to the former prime minister, the crisis is not natural, but rather planned.

Imran Khan, who is the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has once again said that the government’s economic policies are bad. He said that if the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are accepted, inflation will increase by 50%. According to the former prime minister, the crisis is not natural, but rather planned.

Imran Khan and IMF
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Imran Khan said that the country’s reserves are at their lowest point in its history. No one from outside the country is willing to give money, and the commercial banks are not either. He said that the IMF won’t give us money unless we agree to their terms. Their terms are that everything is getting more expensive, and if we agree to them, inflation will go up by 50%. This is because today’s inflation is the highest it’s been in 50 years.

The rupee will depreciate, oil will be expensive, diesel, petrol, and electricity prices will rise, business will suffer, interest rates will rise, unemployment will rise, and factories will close. The former prime minister said that bringing the powerful under the law in Pakistan would change the situation and eliminate the need for NRO. It will take time to increase exports, but remittances and investments from abroad should be brought in immediately, as they have sent money but not invested.

Imran Khan said that how can it be that the former Prime Minister and the leader of the largest party could not submit his First Information Report (FIR), then who will save the common man if he is confronted by the powerful. He claimed that our country’s system is such that Senator Azam Swati is tortured in front of his grandchildren and granddaughters for tweeting the truth.

Imran Khan said that the challenge for the Pakistani nation is to bring a justice system in the country. He said that if we do not reform ourselves, I am afraid that our country will face more tests that we will not be able to bear. Imran Khan: Like beggars we have been asking for money and They have lost their respect.