Non-communicable diseases kill 74% of people around the world

Millions of lives could be saved by cutting the number of people dying from non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, according to the World Health Organization. By reducing the risk factors for these diseases, millions of lives across the world could be spared. It has been claimed that noncommunicable diseases kill 40 … Read more

Experts say thousands of Pakistanis die each year from the wrong medication.

Roughly 500,000 individuals each year in Pakistan die as a result of taking the wrong medications, which also accounts for about 3% of hospital mortality and about 18.3% of adverse events. These insights were provided by medical professionals in a webinar titled “Medication Without Harm,” according to a story in the Dawn newspaper. The function … Read more

Suicidal tendencies are more prevalent in people with long covid

The phrase “long-covid” is used to describe people with Corona who continue to experience numerous medical issues even after they have recovered. According to numerous studies conducted thus far, there are at least 200 different medical issues or symptoms associated with long COVID, including some potentially dangerous problems. Long COVID, which is defined as experiencing … Read more

Sugar level and neurosis. Simple changes can make a difference

The term neurosis refers to an anxiety disorder. Scientists demonstrate that irregular variations in glucose levels, particularly low glucose levels, can lead to the onset of neurosis. This is strongly supported by diabetic studies. Diet, stress reduction, and physical activity can all enhance blood sugar levels and, in turn, mental health. Both hypoglycemia (low blood … Read more

New York’s polio case sparked anxiety.

There were polio-related fears after New York was discovered to have them. Following a polio case in the US state of New York and the identification of the poliovirus in samples of sewage water, the local population has been urged to get vaccinated against the disease. It should be noted that on December 22nd of … Read more

In China, a new zoonotic virus has been found.

Cough, fever, vomiting, and muscle aches are symptoms. In two Chinese provinces, cases of a novel zoonotic virus infection have been reported. Under the working name Langya henipavirus, the virus from the henipavirus family is recognised (LayV). What signs of infection are present, and are we at risk of another epidemic? Infections with the novel … Read more

A link between drinking hot drinks and throat diseases is revealed

A recent study by British experts has shown that drinking hot drinks can cause throat diseases and even esophageal cancer. According to the British newspaper ‘Telegraph’ , a study conducted by experts from the University of Oxford in Great Britain discovered a link between drinking hot drinks and street diseases. Experts looked at data from … Read more