Petition to repeal Section 124A of Sedition Act in the Penal Code of Pakistan Rejected

Parliament has the power to legislate, but it cannot intervene. High Court of Islamabad The petition to declare Section 124A of the Sedition Act void in the Pakistan Penal Code has been denied by the Islamabad High Court. The application was denied by Chief Justice Atharmanullah for being inadmissible. Section 124-A of the Pakistan Penal … Read more

Bariatric Advantage Supplements are great

We all know that bariatric surgery has become a popular procedure in the United States among morbidly obese persons. This popular procedure has become a standard treatment for severe obesity. Patients who undergo this surgery are often kept on nutritional diet products before and after the surgery. Hospitals and individuals can buy Bariatric Advantage supplements … Read more

DriverScrubber is a good hard drive cleaner

Erase Data So It Can NEVER Be Recovered I always use a good hard drive cleaner application for data removal before replacing my hard drives. This application completely removes digital data stored on hard drives. Most of my blog readers knew that I was an application developer and Oracle administrator. One of my friends recently recommended using  … Read more

ClearOne Advantage Complies with New Debt Relief Service Regulations

The leading debt settlement company, ClearOne Advantage says that they have introduced new business modernization plans for their company. The company has taken this step to comply with the Trade Commission (FTC) Telemarketing Sales Rule. These rules have been enacted to improve the service of debt settlement companies and provide protection and debt relief to … Read more

Legal action will be taken against provinces supporting PTI long march, Home Minister

After the Human Trafficking Seminar, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah spoke with the media and claimed that the constitution gives the federal government the authority to retaliate against the provinces that support the PTI Long March ‘s ascent of the state capital. Imran Khan was accused of breaking the law in the Tosha Khana case, according … Read more

Experts say thousands of Pakistanis die each year from the wrong medication.

Roughly 500,000 individuals each year in Pakistan die as a result of taking the wrong medications, which also accounts for about 3% of hospital mortality and about 18.3% of adverse events. These insights were provided by medical professionals in a webinar titled “Medication Without Harm,” according to a story in the Dawn newspaper. The function … Read more

Looking for leather repair kits and information on how to do this ?

Are you looking for leather repair kits info? I recommend you visit Here you will find comprehensive information and can buy leather repair and recoloring kits. You will find a great deal of information and videos in their resources section. This retailer sells leather care kits and suede care products. They also sell different … Read more