A new war will push our country to destruction

The situation on our borders appears to be tensed because of skirmishes. People on social media are talking about a new war. The present coalition government is silent and have expressed any statement on the border situation and try to diffuse tension. A new war will push our country towards destruction. I hope skirmishes do … Read more

A US diplomat writes and sings Pashto song for Malala

A US diplomat Shayla Cram has paid tributes to Malala in a Pashto song. She wrote the song and sand it too.  The diplomat is a public diplomacy officer in Peshawar.She has learnt Pashto. She urges girls to have hope and pursue their dreams.  She said: There’s definitely need in Pakistan to encourage young girls … Read more

Time to stop talking about Kashmir issue: Ink a new water sharing agreement with India

Unless Kashmir issue is solved, Mumbai-like attacks always a possibility: Imran Khan – Pakistan News – IBNLive Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan on Wednesday said time was up for trying to solve India-Pakistan issues through “militancy and militarily” but asserted that unless Kashmir issue was resolved, there was “always a possibility” of Mumbai-like attacks. Khan, chief … Read more

A Pakistani liberal is a multifaceted animal

The Pakistani liberal – The Express Tribune A Pakistani liberal is a multifaceted animal. He, and I believe, also she, likes their T-shirt and jeans one size too small; likes to go around in big cars; eats at expensive restaurants; drinks alcohol like a fish; spends their holidays abroad; are variously in the pay of … Read more

Can Mr. Khurshid help improve relations between India and Pakistan?

Mr. Khushid’s appointment has a foreign minister has started a heated debate. Some commentators are saying that he would be able to advance the peace initiatives taken by Mr. Manmohan Singh. It is wrong to assume that Mr. Khurshid’s Islamic faith “doesn’t make any difference. The strategic fault lines dividing the two countries are too … Read more