This is the first revolutionary to flee his home: Talal Chaudhry

Talal Chaudhry, reacting to Imran Khan’s address to the rally in Upper Dir, said that revolutionaries do not take guarantees and are not afraid of prisons. “Has there ever been a revolution like this?” He asked. Are revolutionaries concerned about legal action?  “Revolution does not come with guarantees,” he said.  Imran Khan has enraged every … Read more

Appeal or incitement? : The people should come out against the foreign attack on the integrity of the country, said the Prime Minister

 ISLAMABAD:  Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the people should come out against the biggest attack on the integrity and democracy of Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a tweet that the people should come out in defense of the country against the attack on the security and democracy of Pakistan with the … Read more

US punishes Imran Khan for visiting Russia

Russia’s foreign ministry says the United States has punished Prime Minister Imran Khan for not canceling a visit to Russia. A statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States and its Western allies had pressured Prime Minister Imran Khan to cancel his visit to Russia in February. The Russian Foreign Ministry … Read more