Turkish Airlines is certified as a 3-Star Airline 

For the excellence of its airport, onboard, and staff services, Turkish Airlines has earned the designation of 3-Star Airline. The product rating takes into account the seats, amenities, food and drinks, IFE, cleanliness, etc. The service rating considers both the ground staff and the cabin crew. Many of Turkish Airlines’ passengers are pleased with the amenities they were given, and the airline consistently receives high marks for the caliber of its onboard catering.

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A star rating system is used to rate airlines based on how well they treat their customers. The star rating system has a 1–5 star scale. The 5-star airline rating, which is given following an expert audit analysis and assessment of airline product and front-line service standards, is a prestigious and distinctive mark of quality achievement and a global benchmark of airline excellence. When staff service standards or product standards are fair or average, the 3-star rating is used. This might be an indication of staff service inconsistencies or weaknesses, or lower product standards in areas like seating, IFE, catering, or cabin cleanliness3.

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Here are some of the airlines with a 3-star rating: Alaska Airlines, Alitalia, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, AnadoluJet, Arik Air, Avianca, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Bahamasair, Bamboo Airways, Batik Air, Belavia Belarusian Airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Blue Air, Brussels Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Cabo Verde Airlines, Capital Airlines, and more1.

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Turkish Airlines operates a fleet of 286 passenger Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer aircraft. Although some also offer Premium Economy Class seating, the majority are set up with Business Class and Economy Class cabins.

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Here are some of the airlines with a 5-star rating: ANA All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, EVA Air, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines13.

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Turkish Airlines flies to 52 domestic and 263 international destinations in 124 countries. You can check out their March 2023-April 2023 route map on their website 1.

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A visit to see the 7000 years of salt history Salzwelten Hallstatt, Salzburg Austria

My brother-in-law recommended me to visit Salt Mines of Salzburg.

Salt mines are in three locations. They are Salzwelten Salzburg, Salzwelten Hallstatt and Salzwelten Altaussee.

My son-in-law and daughter chose to visit Salzwelten Hallstatt. He booked a Airbnb for the four of us in a beautiful small time called Rindbach.

When we started our journey in a car and moved out of Munich and headed towards Salzburg. We were entralled to see the beautiful areas during our journey.

img 20230317 105116 15462392927473806792
img 20230317 133905 142672171873764402110
img 20230317 115334 32845134566812665976

We are arrived at our Airbnb and spent the night there.

In the morning morning we got up early and headed towards the mining site.

image editor output image1177004249 16793990658247378894196658402267
Parking Zone at the Hallstatt Mining Site
img 20230318 104436 7705993135061279852570
img 20230318 103241 5192933505848909031722
Inside the Station Shop

Pakistani SIMS for Roaming in Austria -Jazz

My son-in-law planned a visit to Salts Mines , Salzburg Austria.

I had Jazz and Ufone SIMs in my mobile.

When I started to move out Everest Strasse, data signals of Ufone which was working fine O2 Network stopped working.

However, when we went deep inside Salzburg and was moving towards Rindbach, Austria, Jazz sim connected with 3AT Network. I used the Jazz Roaming Data for 2 days.

I would to mention my blog readers when I reached at the Salt Mines. Jazz Sim stopped working.

Ufone worked at Salt Mines. It was working deep inside the tunnel for some.

I advise travels to Austria and Germany the keep two SIMs . Both sims work, you can receive your urgent calls and SMS from Pakistan.

Network at Rindbach area:

screenshot 20230318 0230062155733949259062196
Screenshot 20230318 165058
3AT Network. It connects automatically. You select it manually.

How to get free Wi Fi password at the Istanbul Airport?

It is very easy to get Wi Fi password.

1. Stand before the machine.

2. Select the language on the screen.Touch on the UK flag to select English Language.

3. Look for print button and it will print your a slip . It contains your Wi Fi password.

4. Select “IstanbulAirportTurktelekomFree” Wi Fi Network.

5. Wait for the portal page to open.

6. Click on “Log in using Kiosk Password”

7. Enter your passport number and the number on the top of the receipt.

8. Agree to “Terms of Service”

You can enjoy one hour free internet. Make calls to your loved ones.

img 20230316 145127 8187102961273061520263
Wifi Password receipt

Turkish Airlines Economy Class is good : Karachi to Munich

My son-in-law and daughter chose and booked Turkish Airlines Economy Class Ticket.

I was a bit apprehensive about their quality of service. Reviews posted online and YouTube were not comprehensive and they left many important points.

Majority of these vlogs on YouTube were made by amateur vloggers. They left many important things which are needed by common passe

My flight TK709 was on time. I was sitting in Gate Number 21 at the Jinnah Terminal. When the announcement was made about boarding, I moved towards the boarding gate. We were greeted by the members of the crew. They directed to my seat. It was a window.

The seat was comfortable. My height is normal like most Pakistanis. I seated comfortably and started exploring the screen and other materials for passengers.

The beautiful crew member distributed a kit, which consisted of a pair of socks, earphone and blind fold for passengers who want to sleep.

After sometime they started distributing food tray to passengers. Food was delicious.

The plane flew smoothly across the sky. I enjoyed the view and took video shots on several occasions.

Weather was fine. However, we faced a little delay because of traffic congestion at the airport. After 20 minutes delay , the plane landed smoothly.

As I was an International Transfer passenger, I followed the signs carefully and also asked at the Transfer where should I go now. He  cordially asked me to get into the lines at the International Transfers. It was written in Orange Board.

Here, they screened our luggage. The asked us to remove our jackets, belts and watches.

I was well prepared for this, I had put my belt, chargers and smartphone into a plastic bag. I put this and my hand carry bag into a tray and put my jacket into another tray. My things swiftly passed the machine without giving any alert.

Important Tip

As you know no boarding gate was given on the boarding pass.

Now you have to look on the boards to find your gate number. Pay attention to the time mention on the boarding pass. My time was 16:25 . So looked for this.

16:25 TK1635 Munich. it showed that gate number will be given at 14:55.

I had equipped my self with many important apps. Turkish Airlines App and Istanbul airport Whatsapp number.

Turkish Airlines App showed Gate no. B13. Airport Whatsapp account did not show any gate number. I asked officer at Gate B13 to confirm the boarding gate number. They requested me to wait and see it on the  Terminal.

I took a seat at the boarding gate B13.

After something Airport Whatsapp account showed the gate no. B13. There was no sign on the board.

screenshot 20230316 0954308889676912516304174
Istanbul Airport Whatsapp Response

When it showed the gate number, I become relaxed and took a look at the airport.

I returned back to gate number B13 and saw officers were gathering at the B13 Gate counter. When the Gate number was displayed on Terminal I approached the officer at Gate No. B13. He checked my passport and stamped on my boarding pass and asked me to wait as boarding Time was 15:15 (Istanbul Time)

At 15:15 , the officer made an announcement about the boarding, I started moving to wards the gate number B13.

The plane took off smoothly and I head towards Munich. As the weather was not good , the plane experienced mild turbulence, but the plane landed at the Munich Airport. I went through the Immigration smoothly and took my luggage and head for train with my daughter and son-in-law.

Enjoy Fast Track offered by Majestic Lounge at Jinnah Terminal at Karachi

Most card holder do not know the travel benefits of their Credit Cards.

screenshot 20230316 0731007587274200573092978
Booking is done before 8 hours of your flight. But you can use the without booking.

Holders of some categories of Visa and Masters can enjoy fast tract and meals at Majestic Lounge at Jinnah Internal Terminal.

I come to know about this Alfalah Bank Credit card sent me A SMS about Airport Lounges offerings.

I came to know that I can enjoy CIP lounge at the airport.

During my search I came I visited the Instagram Page of the Majestic Lounge. They have posted on the Instagram what benefits they offer.

screenshot 20230316 0829253061769628067968769
Majestic Lounge’Alliance Partners

Luckily, I have HBL Visa Gold and Alfalah Optimus Titanium Cards.

When I reached Karachi Airport. I saw the desk of Majestic Lounge. I gave him my HBL Visa Gold card . He charged a transaction of Rs. 1.5. It is done to confirm that the credit is active .

He wrote my name on the Business card of Majestic Lounge and gave it to me. I showed this card to the officer standing at the Business Lounge and he allowed me to enter.

Security check was done in few minutes. Then I moved towards the Turkish Airlines Counter.

I would like to mention here that the representative of the Majestic lounge was very courteous. Officer standing at gate was courteous too.

I was a bit confused at that time because it was first international travel.

However, the representative and officer made me feel relaxed.

You deposit your baggage at the Turkish Airlines Counter. They weigh your luggage and give you your boarding pass for Karachi flight and Istanbul flight.

After chech-in my baggage at the Turkish Airlines Counter at Karachi Airport, I moved towards the Fast Track line of the FIA immigration.

The officer asked me a question why I am visiting Munich Germany. I told him.

He took my picture and stamped on my passport. I moved towards the Gate Number assigned on my boarding card.

When you move towards your gate you will see Majestic Lounge at the right side.

screenshot 20230316 0730202968140384964596502
Majestic Lounge Karachi

You can go in their and enjoy free meals offered by them. I did not go there and went directly to the gate number 24 and waited for the announcement of the departure.

People have frightened me that I could miss my flight this.

However , travelers should down load Turkish airlines app and Civil Aviation app to know about the boarding time. I will use the same app.

Majestic Lounge people ask you to make booking 8 hours before your flight time.

I tried it many times but I did not get any email response. When I got no response I wrote on their Instagram page about this . They asked me to try again.

Which Pakistan Roaming SIMS works in Istanbul and Munich?

All Pakistan cellular providers claim they prepaid SIM is prepaid SIMS are preactivated for International Roaming.

I carried three SIMS with me. I have a Jazz , Ufone sims.

When I landed at Istanbul airport. Only Ufone and Jazz were showing signals ‘R’.

Before living for Munich, I called the the helpline of all the cellular providers. Asked them to confirm if their prepaid SIM are prepaid SIMS are prepaid activated.

I only found signals in Jazz and Ufone SIMS.

I will like give a helpful tips to travellers who are visiting Turkey or landing at Istanbul airport for Transfer.

When you land at the Istanbul airport, connect to Vodafone network this way.

screenshot 20230315 1256185065685722744086968

Go to SIM card and Mobile Network and touch on this . It will take you to this screen.

screenshot 20230315 1256304044310375862111665

First change your default SIM card settings. Change Data , voice and SMS to Ufone.

Touch on Ufone SIM card. It will take you to this screen.

screenshot 20230315 1256456943081083594199106
Setting for Roaming

Activate Mobile data and Roaming. They will turn blue on Android. Then chose ‘Choose network’.

It will take you to this screen.

screenshot 20230315 125707133595531319144799

Turn off the automatic network and search the networks available. Select the Vodafone network. It will register the network after few seconds.

Then you will start using the internet.

Activate Ufone Turkey Package This way.

screenshot 20230315 1311533982885836945525709
screenshot 20230315 1312166195460700854207916

When you land at Munich Airport. Dial #506# again and activate the International Roam Again. I did because roaming did not start automatically.

You have balance in Ufone Account.

Zong SIM did not show any signals.

Ufone Helpline will tell you to connect to Telefonica. But this service will not show. Though it send me sms that you are using Telefonica.

screenshot 20230315 1321531263152563439747411

I got this message when I landed at the Munich airport.

Pakistani Travelers to Turkey should bring Ufone SIM with them.

Pakistani Travelers who are coming to Turkey or using Istanbul as transit should bring their Ufone SIM.

Before coming to Turkey, I had subscribed their Turkey Package.

My Tecno Pova connected with the Vodafone.

This enabled me to inform my family in Karachi and daughter in Munich about my arrival at the Istanbul airport.