Can Black cardamom treat and prevent lung cancer?

Black cardamom or large cardamom is commonly used in the East, especially in the East, and now it has been found to contain a biological compound that can not only prevent lung cancer but also treat cancer.

Black cardamom  treats cancer
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Scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have said that black cardamom used in medicine and Ayurvedic medicine has long been used in the treatment of lungs. It has now found an important bioactive compound that not only prevents lung cancer but can also increase the duration of life in its patient.

Two NUS institutions have provided evidence that black cardamom can be very useful. It contains two main ingredients called cardamonin and alpinetin. Both of these ingredients have been tested alternately on lung, breast and liver cancer cells.

According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, the ingredients of black cardamom protect against lung cancer. Scientists say that its powder is commonly used in chest tightness, cough, TB and respiratory and throat diseases, while doctors also use it in cancer.

Experts made black cardamom seeds and tested it on breast, liver and lung cancer cells, it best prevented lung cancer cells from growing.

This is because compounds called cardamonin and alpinetin proved to be very important in black cardamom and they destroyed cancer cells very quickly.

It is expected that this important research will open a new path of natural treatment for the lungs.

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Discovered easy way to diagnose lung cancer

American and British experts have claimed to have discovered the easiest way to diagnose lung cancer early through joint efforts.

Diagnose lung cancer
Other experts have also expressed concerns over the new method- Photo: Shutterstock

At present, some blood tests, including CT scans, are done to diagnose lung cancer, but such tests delay the diagnosis of the disease.

But now experts have claimed to have discovered a new method, which will be possible to diagnose the disease at the beginning.

According to the research published in the medical journal Plos, experts from other countries, including the United States, Britain and India, tested the breath of 414 people to discover a new method.

Most of them , 156 people , had cancer but were not treated.

There were 113 people in the study who were selected from families who had a history of lung cancer and smoked.

While 80 volunteers in the study were absolutely healthy, they did not even smoke, while 65 volunteers were found to have binine nodes in their lungs.

The experts conducted breath tests of all the volunteers and noted the presence of special chemicals in their breath through a breathing machine.

According to experts, people who had volatile organic compounds in the human body and blood in their breath were diagnosed with cancer. The study found that the presence of seven types of chemicals in the human breath in a computerized breath-testing machine means a diagnosis of cancer in it.

That is, if seven types of chemicals are found in the breath of any human in the machine, then they will be diagnosed with lung cancer.

On the other hand, experts who have studied lung cancer for a long time believe that the seven chemicals being talked about can also be released from human breath due to various other reasons.

According to experts, all the chemicals released from the human body or blood come out through the breath after accumulating in the lungs, so usually different chemicals released simultaneously from the breath do not mean cancer.

The experts also said that there needs to be more research on the new ways of treating lung cancer that have been found.

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