The Taliban can send Afghan forces to India for training.

Mullah Mohammad Yaqub, the Taliban’s defense minister, has stated that maintaining defense relations with India is not a problem, but that diplomatic relations between the two countries must first be restored. Mullah Yaqub, the son of Afghan Defense Minister and Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar, stated in an interview with Indian television that the Taliban … Read more

Religious freedom in India getting worse says : US Commission

The US Commission on Religious Freedom has once again recommended special restrictions, calling the situation of religious freedom in India “worse” under the Hindu nationalist regime. This is the third consecutive year that the US Commission on International Religious Freedom has recommended that India be placed on a “list of countries of grave concern”, according … Read more

Ilhan Omar : Practice of Congressional travel through sponsorship

Indian government has made hue and cry over the visit of Congresswoman’s visit to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.  Indian’s External affairs spokesman used a very harsh words to describe her visit and said she pursued a narrow minded politics.  Indian government and Indian must know that US lawmakers can visit foreign countries on official visits … Read more

This is the first time in recent times that US has directly implicated Indian government officials in human rights abuses.

Prashant Jha is the Washington, DC-based US correspondent of Hindustan Times On Tuesday, the US State Department released a strong and critical report on human rights abuses in India in 2021. “We regularly engage with our Indian partners on these shared values, and to that end we are monitoring some recent concerning developments in India, … Read more

US report points to widespread human rights abuses in India

US State Department says it has received credible reports of violence against Muslims – File Photo: Dawn News The latest report released by the US State Department has identified widespread human rights violations in India. According to the Dawn newspaper, these violations include serious human rights violations, such as extrajudicial killings by government agents, violence … Read more

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, India’s first strong condemnation of civilian casualties in Bocha

India has strongly condemned the killing of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bocha. It has called for an independent inquiry into the killings. This is the first time that India has used harsh words on civilian deaths in Ukraine. India has refrained from blaming Russia for the killings in Ukraine. But this is the … Read more

US acknowledges Pakistan’s key regional role in the region

The United States reaffirmed its commitment to continue its military relationship with Pakistan.  The USacknowledged sacrifices made by Pakistan in fight against terrorism. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Pakistan and its people are victims of terrorist attacks. This statement is very important considering the recent constraint in relations between the two countries.  This statement … Read more

An Introduction to Hindutva and it’s Role in Modern Indian Politics

An Introduction to Hindutva and it’s Role in Modern Indian Politics Hindutva, or Hindu nationalism, is the ideology of the majority of members of the BJP and its parent organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Hindutva is an ideology which seeks to establish “Hindu culture” as a dominant culture in India. Hindutva was first coined … Read more

Indian Army resisting amendments in controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram’s statement has perplexed. He gave the impression that Indian leaders could make changes in Armed Forces Special Powers Act. He said: Amending the act will make it more humanitarian, but the army’s rigidness was not leaving much for the government. The armed forces, and especially the Chief of Army Staff, the … Read more

A new war will push our country to destruction

The situation on our borders appears to be tensed because of skirmishes. People on social media are talking about a new war. The present coalition government is silent and have expressed any statement on the border situation and try to diffuse tension. A new war will push our country towards destruction. I hope skirmishes do … Read more