Exercise can reduce cancer risks by up to 70%

There are countless benefits of exercise, and now Israeli experts insist that regular exercise can reduce the risk of many types of cancer by 70 percent.

breast cancer awareness on teal wooden surface
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Experts from Tel Aviv University have published a report in the Academic Journal of Cancer Research in the form of a paper. According to this, aerobic exercise i.e. brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling and other exercises reduce the consumption of glucose in the internal organs and if there is a tumor, it does not get energy and it starts shrinking.

In the first experiment, exercise and the spread of cancer in the internal organs of the body were considered, in which the cancer sometimes goes to the liver, lungs or lymph glands. For this, cancer cells were inserted into the mice and they were given exercise. It was found that exercise also reduced the spread of cancer and tumor bloating in them.

On the other hand, considering humans, a 20-year data of 3,000 people was seen, in which thousands of these people were medically evaluated before and after exercise.

Professor Carmit Levi of Tel Aviv University says that this is the first study that has shown the relationship between exercise and meta-tests, due to which cancer can reach from one organ to another through the blood, including the lungs and liver and lymph glands.

When the experts looked at the glucose receptor of the mice, in the intense type of exercise, they started to absorb more sweetness, the throat and large amounts of glucose began to be destroyed. In this way, glucose snatching started between different vital organs and muscles, which slowed down the process of metastasis.

It was found that exercise has positive effects on the whole body but also on the cellular level and it also slows the spread of cancer. For this reason, he is advising ordinary people to do aerobic exercises.