Aging population of Pakistan needs a national policy

Express Tribune reported today that there will be 43.3 million old people in Pakistan by 2050. When I read this figure, I become sad. We don’t have any national policy to cater the needs of this aging population. Healthcare and living cost are increasing at an alarming rate, which has put a lot of burden on low-income people, they find it very hard to provide good food and medication to these old people.

We call know the condition of our government hospitals. They are already in poor conditions because of corruption and mismanagement. They cannot provide medical treatment to poor old people. Our leaders are not paying attention to this kind of issues. You will occasionally see this kind reports in newspapers and television channels.

Senior Citizens Bill is pending in the parliament since 2007’.  In my opinion, government should formulate policies to cope with this demographic change. Otherwise, we will be in a crisis.