US offers an apology on Salala incident: Good development

Pakistan had reopened NATO supply routes into Afghanistan after US tendered an apology to Paksitan on the tragic incident at Salala incident. I think it is a good development. Tension with the sole super power had created anxiety among Pakistan, and they were praying for peace.
I know Pakistan’s government’s decision will not please the hardliners. However, this breakthrough happened because of intense negotiations by our elected representatives.

Drone attacks has started; Leaders silent

Americans have resumed drone attacks on January 10. It is shocking to see that neither civilian leaders not military leaders gave statements on this issue. Where are all the big who have rabble rousing rabble-rousing rabble-rousing this issue?
Foreign office only issued a muted objection on the resumption of the drone attacks. According to Reuters, Pakistan’s security forces are started cooperating with the American.
The fresh drone attacks indicate that American has received the approval of our civilian and military bosses. People should open their eyes and to  find new leaders from among themselves. These elites will not server them.

Pakistan should accept the U.S. demands

China and Saudi Arabia has refused to give aid to Pakistan. Our leaders are still lying that these countries will bail us out from the impending economic crisis.International lenders have also refused to give us money because of the U.S. pressure. Pakistan has no choice but to accept the demands of the American administration.
These lenders will give us loans if we accept American demands. Pervez Musharraf’s government received money because they followed orders given by the U.S. officials.
The present leaders should accept the demands of the US and put money to develop agricultural, industrial and energy sectors. Otherwise our woes will increase.