Social media sites have begun using various digital methods to protect pro-American people in Afghanistan.

Leading  technology companies have also stepped in to protect those working for the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan from the Taliban. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have started using various methods to protect individuals affiliated with pro-US and human rights organizations in Afghanistan. Below is how these companies are providing digital security to pro-American people. FacebookFacebook … Read more

The people of Afghanistan will have a government that will be acceptable to the international community- Hekmatyar

Hinting at the incitement of people by the foreign intelligence agencies to revolt he said that Afghanistan would soon have a government that would be nationally and internationally acceptable.In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan , Gulbuddin Hekmatyar said he was confident that formal talks between Afghan factions to form a new government would begin … Read more

Is new supply route for NATO feasible?

Media reports that American has made an agreement with the Central Asian States and Russia to take their essential supplies to Afghanistan. In my opinion, this is a wrong a decision. Instead of making this agreement, they should have tried to mend their relations with Pakistani authorities. The new supply route will only push the … Read more

NATO trying to open a new route

News reports tell us that NATO is negotiating with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to open a new supply route to Afghanistan. They have taken this step after the attacks on their supply convoys in Pakistan. There are reports that Americans are negotiating with Turkmenistan to open a new route for their fuel supply. In my opinion, … Read more

Taliban disrupts NATO supply lines

Taliban have stepped up their attacks on NATO trucks. This week they destroyed hundreds of vehicles standing on terminals in Peshawar. If the attacks continue, NATO forces will be in trouble. Their food, fuel, vehicles and munitions will deplete soon. This situation has arisen because of arrogant attitude of NATO officials. Now Pakistan forces are … Read more

Foreign troops should leave Afghanistan

Karzai has once again demanded that foreign troops should leave Afghanistan. Experts are disturbed over his outburst at his foreign backers and financers. He recently made such a demand at at a news conference with the secretary general of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. I think he is making such statements to win support of … Read more

President Karzai wants foreign troops out of his country

President Hamid Karzai wants foreign troops to get out of the country. He is criticizing NATO and Americans for their faltering campaign against al Qaeda and Taliban. Some people are astonished at his statements. They say his statements would anger his foreign backers. In my opinion, he is making such statements to win the support … Read more