Tummy Time or lying on the tummy

This mysterious idea refers to a child’s pronation position or lying on their stomach. It’s important to note that this is not the recommended sleeping position for infants under 1 year old.

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In addition to the benefits of lying down, tummy time is an exercise that should be performed consciously because it aids the baby in passing through the subsequent developmental stages. A variety of actions, including side-to-side head turns and swaying, reaching for nearby toys, and even crawling and crawling.

Why should a baby often lie on its tummy?

Placing an infant on its stomach is not an invention of contemporary pediatrics. Your grandmother and mother have likely already heard about this technique for fostering the child’s development, and you may have even heard about it from the midwife. Why are so many people recommending it? Its benefits include:

  • training the neck muscles responsible for learning to raise the head,
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles,
  • learning to feel the weight of your own body,
  • stimulation of the work of internal organs,
  • supporting the development of the spine,
  • initiating the first attempts at crawling,
  • improving overall motor coordination,

Does every child benefit from “Tummy Time”? When deciding to incorporate such activities into an infant’s daily routine, it is necessary to anticipate that the child may initially be dissatisfied. every time it disappears from the horizon Do not force the infant to lie on his stomach in order to calm him. Instead, stroke his back and speak to him in a soothing tone to make him feel safe.

Until the sixth month, when the infant begins to slowly lift its head and make its first clumsy attempts to crawl, lying on the stomach will provide the greatest benefits. However, there is nothing preventing you from scheduling tummy time sessions in the future. As long as your infant is comfortable in the pronation position and you are able to maintain his attention long enough, “Tummy Time” can be used frequently. However, your comfort and that of your baby should always be your top priority.

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