Karachi’s businessmen decide to stage protest

Businessmen in Karachi are very disturbed over situation in Karachi. Despite their reptetive requests the government have  not done anything which can improve their confidence. Killers, kidnappers an extortionists are doing their work freely and police is doing nothing.

Sindh’s leaders and official made loft claims about improving law and order situation in Karachi, but all their claims proved to be political gimmicks.

Now in desperation they have devised a plan to force government to take practical measures for improving situation in Karachi.

The plan to stage a hoist black banners all over the city and stage a sit-in at the governor’s house. They say they would go on strike from November 10 if they failed in their endeavor  to compel government to implement its decision on law and order.

I fail to understand why government is not showing interest to improve law and order situations. Anyone man can see that the violence has affected businessmen activity in the city, which is not good for the country.

Personal security top concern for Karachi business community

Pakistan Business Council Chief Executive Kamran Y Mirza said the ongoing wave of fear in Karachi is affecting them considerably. “Concern of personal security has sidelined other problems,“ he said.

“It is quite disturbing that we do not see any improvement in the situation,“ he added. Since Karachi is a port city that handles most of the imports and exports, this situation affects the entire country, he said. Source: Express Tribune, Pakistan.

House approves auto bailout bill

The House of Representatives of has passed the legislation which will enable carkmakers to take $14 billion in bridge loans to help restructure themselves so they can avert collapse.

This legislation was passed to help General Motors Corp, Ford Motor Co, and Chrysler LLC. Critics say that it is too early say that this move can save the collapse of the auto industry.

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