Cellphone snatching on rise

Cellphone snatching on rise. Users have complained that their BlackBerry, iPhones, HTCs and even Nokia 3310s have been snatched at guns. It has been observed that robbers taken away cellphones regardless of its shape, size and ‘smartness’.

Recently Pakistan’s leading job portal conducted a survey and asked 1000 people people in 88 different cities whether they have been robbed.


Looking for cellphone accessories to enhance mobile experience?

Today’s children and teens can rightly be called geeks. They start using different types of gadgets such as cell phones, digital cameras, and laptops from an early stage.

My sixteen year daughter is a geek. Most of my young family members rely upon for technical guidance. They approach her for tips for using their cell phones efficiently. AS you all know that teens use their cell phones to listen to or view their favorite videos. They always look for different types of accessories to enhance their experience.

Win tickets to 2011 NBA All-Star game by commenting on FaceBook

Win-NBA-ticketNBA enthusiasts can win coveted tickets to visit Los Angeles at the NBA’s 60th annual All-Star Events  by commenting on Facebook fan page of EverydaySource.com. The company will select two winners from people who have commend on their fan page and photos. They will offer two tickets to the 2011 All-Star Game and other will receive a pair of tickets to the ‘All-Star Saturday Night’, an event .

EverydaySource.com is a reputable retailer of cell phone accessories. They carry 47,000 compatible listings in 7 product categories. They also sell computers, MP3, video games, digital camera, home theaters and printer supplies. This The cell phone accessories retailer ranks #3 at eBay.

My views on Nokia N8

n-8My daughter asked  my opinion on Nokia N8. I told her that this  phone is not  for an average Pakistani teenage user. Nokia is marketing it as masterpiece device for making film and as a media player.

I asked her why we use phones. She replied that we use phones to make calls and communicate with friends and families using text messages. I told her that she should buy a phone which offers good voice quality and reasonable keypad.

There is no doubt that phone is loaded with features. N8 offers superior sound quality and suppresses most of background noise.

Yes, we can use N8 to shoot our films and digital photography. It comes with a large 12 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss optics, which can help us to shoot great images with a touch of hands. One can take good pictures in low-light conditions.

Backup and Transfer Cell Phone Data for FREE

wirefly-backup Wirefly has launched a mobile service for consumers.  Consumer will can backup their contacts regardless of carrier. The good thing is that they are offering their service for free.

Mobile phones and smartphones have become an important part of lives.  People suffer a  lot when their mobile is lost and stolen. Their system can make a backup of cell phone’s contacts, pictures, calendar entries, and music.

The company CEO says that consumers data will be store in a securely in a virtual ‘cloud’ . This will enable them to quickly restore their data if phone is lost or broken.

Buy cell phones at reasonable prices

Virgin Mobil is offering free SUPERTAB to its members. Members can take advantage of this offer without signing any fixed-term contract. I recommend my Canadian blog readers to check details at thesource.ca. It is a good offer. They get their favorite cell phones for as low as $0.

Thesource.ca. is a reputable Canadian store and sell Virgin Mobile and Bell monthly plans. People can also buy Apple’s Iphones, Blackberry smartphones and other cell phones made by leading companies like Nokia and LG at reasonable prices from their store.

Buy aftermarket cell phone accessories at reasonable prices

faceplates-cellphones Demand for cell phone accessories is growing day by day. It is said that it has become a billion dollars industry. Nokia was the first company that introduced a removable faceplate.

CellphoneAccents.com is a online company that sells a wide range of cell phone accessories. This company adds 100-250 unique items daily in their inventory. This online retailer carries a huge range of designer cell phone cases, cell phone faceplates and cell phone charges.

Wirefly to Sell HTC EVO 4G Beginning on June 4

wirefly_url_cmyk Wirefly, the online retailer of cell phones and cell phone plans, has announced their HTC EVO 4G will be available in their store on June 4. Sprint will launch their Android smartphone on June 4. It is a 4G phone. It is said that 4G phones can handle data 10 times faster than 3G networks.

HTC EVO™ 4G can use used on Sprint’s 4G network as well as on its 3G Mobile Broadband Network. The manufacturer ha used high-speed Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 1GHz processor in the phone. They have also used the new version of HTC Sense experience. This will allow phone users to organize their social updates efficiently.

The sleek HTC EVO™ 4G has 4.3-inch touchscreen. I think users can watch and movies and videos well. The phone comes with a built-in kickstand. It has a micro-HDMI port, which will allow users to watch their favorite videos on HDTV. It has 8.0 megapixel camera. Manufacturer has provided a 1.3 megapixel camera for high-quality video chat.

Buy cell phones

Thesource.ca is selling cell phones at discounted prices. This reputable Canadian retailer, which is a part of Bell Canada, carries a wide selection of BlackBerry phones such as Storm, Curve and Pear. They also have 3G and 3GS plus cell phones made by leading companies like Sony, LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola. They also stock a huge selection of cases, and chargers.

Thesource.ca is a retailer. They have the presence in 800 locations in Canada. They sell a wide range consumer electronics including computers, laptops and DVDs and home theater systems.

ShopNBC Launches Online Cellular Store, Powered by Simplexity

mobile-phones ShopNBC has made an announcement that they have launched a cellular store, ShopNBC.com. They will sell mobile devices and service plans through this online store. The store is powered by Simplexity, which is a leading retailer of cell phones and home services. Customers can buy items from ShopNBC.com using internet, cable and satellite TV.

We all know that ShopNBC a a multi-channel electronic retailer. This network offers products for sell via cable and satellite television. Their online store will enable their customer do browse through their offerings. They can do research; compare prices before buying their mobile devices, accessories and service plans.

John Schrogie, Director of Housewares and Consumer Electronics of ShopNBC the new partnership will enable them to provide better service to their customers. He said:

“We are pleased to collaborate with Simplexity on this expanded web product initiative for our consumer electronics category.Through the ShopNBC.com Cellular Store, we are able to enhance our premium shopping experience for customers seeking the newest wireless brands and products.”