Security-vulnerable AMD software. Controls your computer.

AMD has said that the official AMD Ryzen Master program has a very dangerous security hole. It could make it possible for someone to take over your whole computer.

AMD Ryzen Master is a piece of software that many people who have computers with processors made by this company use. It not only lets you see how the CPU is working in real time, but also lets you do things like change the core clocking. But using this program can also put our data at risk of being stolen.

AMD said that it had found a security hole that, if exploited by a hacker, could cause a high level of damage. It’s done by taking advantage of the fact that PC permissions aren’t checked before software is installed.

Then, a user with low privileges can use Ryzen Master to take full control of the computer and operating system. But to do this, you probably need to be an administrator and use the computer in person, since you can’t attack it remotely.

The solution to this problem is to install the latest version of Ryzen Master – it is numbered . AMD has applied an update to it that removes the mentioned vulnerability.