Emergency Medical Technician Jobs

There is a growing demand of healthcare professionals in the United States. Pakistan is immigrants are marrying doctors. nurses and other healthcare professional. Recently, I heard that a man was looking for an emergency technician. Healthcarejobsite.com regularly publishes listings on Emergency Medical Technician Jobs. I advise girl’s parents to visit this website and tell their … Read more

Technical Recruiting jobs

Techcareers.com is an ideal website for Technical Recruiting Jobs. I am a computer program, and system administrator. I have used this website and other job website for job search. I recommend this to my blog readers because it offers great tools for job seekers.  Hundreds of well  companies in several states use this website to … Read more

Data Mining Specialist Jobs

Here is the link from a job  website, which has published Data Mining Specialist Jobs. People who have the relevant experience can apply. As you all know that I am an Oracle Administer. I have been working in the Information Technology field for decades.  I share job listings so my friends can apply. Karachi economy … Read more

Data Mining Specialist Jobs

Friends techcareers.com has published a list of Data Mining Specialist Jobs. I see the names of many respectable IT firms in the list. That’s why I have post the information on blog. Most of my blog readers know that I have been as Oracle Administrator for many decades. I become familiar with the data mining … Read more

New Prosthodontist Jobs

There was time people like me do not pay any attention to our teeth. Thanks to new technology and procedures people have started taking care of their teeth. I always hesitated to go to a dentist. When my nephew who is a dental surgeon and well known Prosthodontist did his best to remove my misgivings. … Read more

Looking for billing/coding specialist Jobs

Healthcarejobsite.com has listed  Billing/Coding Specialist Jobs. Job listings have been posted by employers from many states. There is a great demand for coding specialists. A Billing/Coding Specialist  reads and review medical documents and translated them into numeric codes. This data is used by organization to learn about healthcare trend and problems. Healthcarejobsite.com is a good … Read more

Quality Assurance Specialist Jobs

Job seekers often post their resumes on well known job website sites. I recommend by my friends and acquaintances to post their resumes and create job alerts on    too. Techcareers.com is a popular a job website. It is used by some good companies to hire technical staff. Many companies have published listings for Quality Assurance … Read more

Looking for tech jobs?

job.com is a good job site. Some of my friends have used this website for searching tech jobs. It offers free listing of job opportunities to job seekers. I am impressed by by its search tool. It generates results according to profession and location. Job seekers can post their job resumes and create alerts for … Read more

Looking for management jobs

America is a very big and diversified country. Job market in different states changes regularly because of new investments and developments. Monstor.com is a great website, which updates regularly about the hottest management jobs available in different cities. This website offers great tools and functionality to job seekers to find the perfect job. The website … Read more

Find jobs in healthcare industry

Thousands of jobs in health care industry are created each year. It was predicted in 2008 that the industry will create 3.2 million jobs. America’s aging population is increasing. This situation has created demand for healthcare professionals. Take a look at healthcarejobsite.com. More than 170,766 jobs listings have been added by employers.  Experienced and new … Read more