AMD is betting that “Dragon Range” gaming laptops in 2023 will bring portable gaming to new heights.

AMD has given us a new look at its future processor technology plans, and the big news is code-named Dragon Range. According to AMD itself, these processors are intended for extreme-class gaming.

According to the company’s “roadmap,” Dragon Range will be released sometime in 2023 and will be based on the company’s forthcoming “Zen 4” architecture.

These processors will be a part of the Ryzen 7000 series, a platform that will use more advanced PCIe and memory technologies than those currently employed by AMD. Therefore, we are discussing PCIe 5.0 and DDR5.

Powerful graphics and processor solutions necessitate a large amount of space for cooling, and one can typically anticipate a relatively short battery life – at least when the computer is working hard.

Laptops with Dragon Range processors do not appear to deviate from this trend. In fact, AMD hints at an even higher power consumption than what we observe in current gaming-oriented models. With “55W +” we can rapidly arrive at processors that consume nearly as much power as the processors in a significant number of desktops.

Today, this number is typically around 45 watts for gaming laptops.

With Dragon Range, it is at least clear that AMD envisions gaming laptops equipped with processors that have more cores and faster memory than is currently available. It is unknown whether this indicates that these processors will be equipped with additional “3D V-cache” like the Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

Regardless, these are laptops you would prefer to have plugged into an electrical outlet.

7000 series desktop computers this year
The roadmap also confirms that the “Raphael”-codenamed 7000 series for desktops will be released later this year. These will be the first processors with Zen 4 architecture to hit the market.

Additionally, the new platform features DDR5, PCIe 5.0, and a brand-new AMD socket. Physically, the processors will connect to the motherboard via LGA, which means they will have contact points rather than pins.

This is how Google & Co. want to “remove” the password

Apple, Google, and Microsoft, three of the world’s largest technology corporations, want to simplify safe login procedures that do not require a password. Thursday, in honour of World Password Day, the corporations issued a joint statement announcing this. The new features are intended to enable websites and applications to provide consumers with safe, password-free logins across all devices and platforms.

The standard was created by the World Wide Web Consortium and the Fido Alliance. In addition to hundreds of technological businesses and service providers, the Fido Alliance also comprises public agencies. With these advancements, the industry hopes to assure that in the future, critical data will not be protected solely by a password.

Experts have pointed out for years that even passwords with several letters, numbers, and special characters that are often changed are vulnerable. They advise employing login techniques that also require a security stick or an authentication app’s code. The most recent version of the Fido standard even functions without a password you must remember.

New features added to the FIDO standard
The current announcement adds two new features to the standard: On the one hand, users can automatically access their access data on numerous devices, as well as new devices, without having to register each account individually. Additionally, they can utilise authentication on their mobile device to log in to an app or website on any of their nearby devices, regardless of the operating system or web browser 

The current technological implementation necessitates that users log in separately to each website or app on each device prior to using the password-free capability. Now, this is simple. The new functionality should be accessible on Apple, Google, and Microsoft platforms within a year.

“Overcoming Password-Based Authentication of the Past”
Mark Risher, senior director of product management at Google, remarked, “This achievement is a credit to the industry’s joint efforts to enhance security and eliminate archaic password-based authentication.” Microsoft’s corporate vice president of identity programme management, Alex Simons, stated, “The full transition to a password-free world will occur when people make it a natural part of their life.”

Any effective solution must be more secure, easier to use, and faster than passwords and current multi-factor authentication systems.

The German government is preparing to legalise cannabis

The German government is preparing to legalise cannabis
The German traffic light coalition has already decided on the legalisation of cannabis. The appropriate legislative text is now being discussed.

Burk Blienert, the German drug commissioner, is planning extensive technical preparations for the upcoming regulated release of cannabis in Germany. SPD politician said that he will now begin “a thorough consultation process” with the Ministry of Health and other authorities.

Blienert stated that it was vital for the technical consultations to emphasise youth and health protection. Because, ultimately, not more, but fewer young people in Germany should smoke cannabis. According to him, overseas experiences, such as those from Canada, should also be considered.

Vapour Cooling Chamber: The innovation that got everybody talking about the latest Samsung Galaxy M53 5G phone

Samsung, India’s most trusted smartphone brand, today unveiled the Galaxy M53 5G, an all-arounder gadget aimed at millennials and Gen Z. The Galaxy M53 5G supports ultra-fast 5G and can run console-quality games in the cloud.

Source: Samsung

The superb design of the Galaxy M53 5G includes soft, rounded corners and a smaller frame with a minimal camera look. The M53 5G features a matte texture on the back that is soft to the touch and comes in a variety of current colours.

Source: Samsung

Its newest 5G smartphone, the Galaxy M53, boasts a powerful 6nm Mediatek Dimensity 900 chipset for unrivalled performance.

The Galaxy M53 5G gives a significant performance boost thanks to an innovative Octa-core processor and up to 6GB/8GB of RAM, whether you’re focused on one activity or numerous things at once.

Multi-perspective photography with a multi-lens camera
The multi-lens camera technology of the Galaxy M53 5G elevates photography to new heights. With the high-resolution 108MP Wide-angle Camera, you can capture memorable moments in clear detail. With the Depth Camera, you can adjust the focus and the Macro Camera, you can get closer to the details.

With 108MP remosaic photos, the Galaxy M53’s new high-resolution 108MP sensor captures incredible details, while 12MP binning shots bring more light into the dark. In addition, the Hybrid Optic Zoom effortlessly captures far-away objects, and the Big Pixel Sensor eliminates noise for improved clarity.

Source: Samsung

The primary camera’s Nona-binning technology enables you to capture crisp images in low-light circumstances.

The edit is where you’ll find satisfaction. With the Object eraser, you may remove undesired items, strangers in the background, and more.

Galaxy M53 5G includes flagship-inspired features such as Single Take, which produces up to 10 outputs in a single shot and Photo Remaster, which helps you record even more amazing images and videos.


Face. In the limelight
.You can capture the subtle details that distinguish each face with the AI-powered dual-lens camera, which includes wide and depth lenses. Use bokeh effects to gently blur the background while highlighting the details that bring the frame to life.


The Galaxy M53 5G analyses your phone usage patterns to give additional virtual RAM, allowing you to multitask and run apps smoothly.

A cinematic view of your surroundings, says Samsung. I agree with them.

The immersive 6.7-inch Infinity-O Display lets you see more. Its nearly bezel-less design delivers a wider aspect ratio for a larger, better view. With the FHD+ Super AMOLED Plus display, you can enjoy everything you love in rich and true-to-life colour even in bright sunlight.


Scrolling is quite smooth.

Watch anything on your Galaxy’s 120Hz Super AMOLED Plus display to experience silky smooth viewing with reduced blur, more details, and brilliant contrast.

But there’s more to this phone than meets the eye. Its Vapour Cooling Chamber ensures that no matter how much you use it, your Galaxy M53 5G will not overheat.

Simply put, whenever you want to enjoy extended video conversations or test your gaming skills all day, the Vapour Cooling Chamber will keep your Galaxy M53 5G ultra cool, allowing you to use it anywhere, anytime!

What’s more, you might wonder. With Dolby Atmos compatibility, the Galaxy M53 5G will take you by surprise, boosting your leisure and enjoyment time with true theatrical sound. It also has a large 5000mAh battery with reverse charging and 25W fast charging, which can keep your phone running for hours.

Dolby Atmos takes your listening experience to new heights.
You’ll hear sound that’s full, booming, and seems to surround you in the action with Dolby Atmos. With cinematic sound that immerses you in the scenario, take movie night or your favourite games to the next level.

A 5,000mAh (typical)1 battery allows you to spend longer time watching, sharing, gaming, and other activities. Quickly charge your Galaxy with up to 25W Super Fast Charging and use adaptive power saving to improve battery life.

Samsung Knox, which is built into the phone’s hardware and software from the beginning, safeguards your phone from the moment it is turned on. It protects your most sensitive information from malware and dangerous attacks with multi-layered protection.

A Polish series that breaks the usual patterns. “Thaw” already on HBO Max

A captivating story, an interesting cast and breaking the patterns we are used to – this is how you can describe the new HBO Max series entitled “Thaw” directed by Xawery Żuławski

A body of a young woman is fished out of the Odra River. The case ends up in the hands of policewoman Katarzyna Zawieja (Katarzyna Wajda), who quickly learns that the story is more complicated than it might seem at first glance. Just before her death, the victim gave birth to a child. And it is precisely to find a newborn that becomes the main goal of a determined policewoman. Of course, she does not work alone – she is partnered by a sympathetic younger aspirant Trepa (Bartlomiej Kotschedoff).

A still from the “Thaw” series (2022) Press materials / HBO Max

It must be admitted that it is difficult for this heroine to keep pace, which is what Trepa often finds out about. In an interview, Kotschedoff draws attention to the special and quite unusual (for this type of series) role of his hero.

– My hero brings relief and light. It balances the difficult qualities of this dark world, says the actor. However, the actor likes his protagonist and in this he feels close to him. – It has happened so many times in my life that the sense of humor was triggered in extreme situations. I like tragicomedy, it somehow portrays my character. 

” The Thaw ” can be watched by HBO Max viewers in 61 countries in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States. All the more happy is the fact that the production in a non-standard way takes on a police series in which we used to follow the fate of brave policemen, not policewomen. This time, however, the strong and charismatic heroine follows the trail of the murderer, and to make it even more interesting, in her determination she can even be irritating, because she contradicts the expectations that the viewer instinctively makes towards the female protagonist.

Yes, Zawieja can be annoying when she forgets about her parental responsibilities. However, thanks to this, she gains a certain authenticity and truth, and at the same time makes herself known to us not only as a policewoman, but also a woman with a scratch, a woman looking for the truth about herself and her life. And if we add an empathetic policeman by her side, who takes Zawieja’s daughter by the hand and takes care of her when her mother gives her 100% dedication to the case, we get an image at least intriguing with its freshness. In short: this “Thaw” effectively melts away stereotypes.

– We have a strong, imaginative story of a thirty-year-old woman who could be any of us, who fights for every ordinary day – says Xawery Żuławski, the director of the series. – I feel a strong imperative of this story. As the one who has lost something and someone, as the one who has committed the sin of inattention towards someone and himself. And as the one who knows and believes that nothing is given to us forever.

On the one hand, the heroine could be any of us, on the other – she perfectly portrays a woman’s struggle in the patriarchal world. Katarzyna Zawieja, despite her immersion in the police world dominated by men, seems not to succumb to attempts to arrange her or even subordinate her. She is as strong and charismatic as the strong and charismatic men in this type of film have been so far. Bartek Kotschedoff admits in our podcast that this female story was something that led everyone during the work on the series and says directly: “Zawieja was a synonym of women’s struggles.”

The new HBO Max series is a mix of genres: crime story, family drama and psychological thriller. The plot takes place in several plans – in the case of the main character it is both an ongoing murder investigation and an attempt to discover the truth about a personal drama.

– When creating my heroine, I was looking for a social topic that is hardly talked about – says screenwriter Marta Szymanek in an interview for – Thanks to the reaserch, I started to read about young widows and how they are socially assessed. On the one hand, they are to suffer after the loss of their husband, on the other hand, not too much so as not to scare people away or burden themselves. There is guilt in all of this. And when you are a mother – a Polish Mother – the bar goes up.

The title “Thaw” happens to various characters and it happens when they find the courage to confront their own pain. – For me it is a story that you will not run away from your own pain – says Bartek Kotschedoff. – If you don’t pay attention inward, the pain will never leave you. He will always come back. We have a choice: either run away from it forever, or meet with it, look at it and start to feel it.

In addition to the psychological depth, it is primarily a neatly written and beautifully presented criminal story, in which we are not sure who is responsible for the crime and where the line separating good from evil runs.`

Motorola Edge 30 equipped with 144 Hz refresh rate screen

Edge 30 – Photo courtesy of Motorola

Want an LED display with 144 Hz refresh rate, high quality stereo speakers and dual 50 megapixel camera?

So you will love Motorola’s new smartphone Edge 30.

This phone has a 6.5 inch FHD Plus AMOLED display with 144 Hz refresh rate support.

The stereo speakers are similar to those of Dolby Atmos, while the Snapdragon 778G Plus processor is present in the device.

Motorola Edge 30 will have 8 GB RAM and 128 to 256 GB storage options which will not be augmented.

The Android 12 operating system is part of the phone and is almost the only pure Android system experienced by users of Google’s Pixel phones.

On the back of the phone there is a setup of 3 cameras with a 50 megapixel main camera with 50 megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixel depth sensor cameras.

Both the 50- and 50-megapixel cameras can record 4K video, while the front has a 32-megapixel selfie camera.

The Edge 30 has a 4020 mAh battery that, according to the company, can last up to a day and a half on normal use.

A 33 watt turbo power charger will be provided with the phone for charging.

Other notable features include 5G support, dual SIM support, dust and splash resistance, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC.

The phone will soon go on sale in Europe, Asia and other regions, including the Middle East, for 450 euros (over 88,000 Pakistani rupees).

New constituencies in Occupied Kashmir, shifting more seats to Hindu-majority areas. It is a controversial plan.

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah had said in January that elections would be held in Jammu and Kashmir soon after the delimitation process was completed. – Photo: AFP

A list of new political constituencies for Occupied Kashmir was released on Tuesday in which the Hindu population in the Muslim-majority areas has got a large representation and the way is being paved for new elections.

The Occupied Territories originally consisted of the Muslim-majority Valley of Kashmir, the Hindu-majority region of Jammu and the remote Buddhist enclave of Ladakh.

The government said that a delimitation commission has finalized 90 assembly constituencies in Occupied Kashmir, excluding Ladakh, with 43 reserved for Jammu and 47 for Kashmir, followed by 37 in Jammu and Kashmir Valley. There were 46 seats.

It is a controversial plan as the commission did not take into consideration the population based on 2011 census. 

As the census Jammu’s population is 44% and Kashmir’s 56%. The commission gave more seats to Jammu relative to their population.

The report was rejected by the People’s Democratic Party of Jammu and Kashmir.

The National Conference said in a statement on Twitter that “any manipulation will not change the ground realities. Whenever there is an election, the voters will punish the BJP and its proxies for what they have done in the last four years.” What has happened with Jammu and Kashmir?

Poco new flagship phone F4GT

F4 GT – Photo courtesy of Poco

Xiaomi’s subsidiary Poco has introduced its new flagship phone.

Poco F4 GT is equipped with the flagship processor Snapdragon 8 Generation 1.

Along with the powerful processor, Liquid Coal 3.0 technology has also been used to keep the device cool.

The F4 GT has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with 120 Hz refresh rate and high frequency PWM dimming support.

Like the other Poco F series phones, this new phone also has a focus on gaming and additional controls are provided in the form of shoulder buttons.

The phone will be available with 8 to 12 GB RAM and 128 to 256 GB storage options.

A special feature of the phone is its charging speed.

Poco F4 GT is the company’s fastest charging phone to date.

The phone has 128 watt hyper charge system support with 4700 mAh battery and it takes only 17 minutes to charge the phone from zero to 100%.

There is also a charging mode that is not so fast but does not take more than 27 minutes to charge the battery.

As for the camera setup, there are 3 cameras on the back.

The phone has a 64-megapixel main camera with 8-megapixel Ultra Wide and 2-megapixel macro cameras.

The setup also features a Flickr sensor and a 20-megapixel camera with a punch-hole design on the front.

The model with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB RAM storage sells for 600 euros (over 116,000 Pakistani rupees), while the phone with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage sells for 700 euros (over 136,000 Pakistani rupees) Will be done

Apple iPhone SE (2022) in review

The most affordable iPhone features the powerful A15 Bionic, 5G, better battery life, improved durability, and a new camera system with advanced features like Smart HDR 4, Photographic Styles, and Deep Fusion

Excellent performance
Long battery life
An Inexpensive entry-level price for an iPhone

Low display resolution
Very long charging time for a small battery
Poor photo quality in low light

The Apple iPhone SE (2022) scores admirably in the test and offers a low-cost way into the iPhone world. The performance is outstanding, and the battery, despite its small size, lasts a very long time. The camera captures nice pictures, however it comes nowhere close to the best models. The design has its advantages and disadvantages; it’s a little outdated and looks similar to the iPhone 8, but it still retains the good old home button with TouchID.

iPhone SE comes in a compact and durable design, and together with iOS 15, delivers a seamless user experience.

Externally, the Apple iPhone SE (2022) has the same design as the iPhone 8, which was no longer a big deal at the time. The Apple logo on the back is only slightly more prominent than it was on the iPhone 8. The camera, though, and the entire front have remained unchanged. As a result, you’ll have thick display edges but a relatively small device.

The wide bezels around the screen provide enough room for the well-known home button. As a result, you won’t have to deal with Apple’s new swipe motions, which debuted with the iPhone X. In addition, TouchID has been reintroduced. You can unlock your iPhone, make purchases, and pay with Apple Pay using the fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button. FaceID is not available on the iPhone SE (2022).

Simple single camera, powerful LC displayIconic Design with a 4.7-inch Display
The display of the iPhone SE (2022) offers no surprises: My observations reveal that the screen is nearly equal to that of the iPhone 8 or iPhone SE (2020). The iPhone SE uses an LC display rather than an OLED panel, with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

However, the panel’s quality is far from poor. The iPhone SE (2022) features beautifully rich colours, with a typical RGB colour space coverage of 138 percent and a DCI-P3 colour space coverage of roughly 98 percent. The white point is likewise exactly located, ensuring a neutral white display – indicating that Apple has calibrated the screen to its customary high standards. At 637 candelas per square metre, the maximum brightness is adequate. In this way, even in low-light settings, display material may be seen well. With roughly 1,000 candelas per square metre, today’s leading smartphones glow far brighter.

Only the resolution is limited: at 1,334 by 750 pixels, it falls short of the industry standard. The pixel density is still a reasonable 326 ppi, despite the small size. Most other smartphones in this price range already have Full HD Plus displays, which produce a sharp image despite the larger screens.

Anyone who enjoys taking photos or shooting a lot of videos should exercise caution. Because the SE’s camera lens is identical to that of the iPhone 8, it will continue to be limited. Some functions from the iPhone 13 series are now available thanks to the upgraded processor. However, the thrilling and entertaining “movie mode” is not supported. You also won’t be able to use a zoom or a wide-angle lens. The main camera is optically stabilised and produces videos at 60 frames per second in a maximum 4K resolution.

The iPhone SE (2022) impressed me with its good camera quality in daytime. The quality of low-light photographs is totally dependent on whether you’re holding the smartphone in your hand or using a tripod. The photographs in this case are also excellent. Small movements, on the other hand, can drastically impair image quality. This could be due to the lack of deep fusion, which is only available on the more expensive models. The selfie camera’s quality is impressive.

From the outside, the iPhone SE (2022) resembles a 2017 iPhone, but when it comes to performance, it demonstrates where the hammer rests. Apple uses the same top-of-the-line Apple A15 Bionic CPU for its entry-level iPhone, which also ensures excellent performance in the current high-end models of the iPhone 13 series. This processor has six cores and runs at up to 3.24 GHz. Only the main memory is 4 GB, which may appear to be a performance stumbling block on paper.

A15 Bionic packs a powerful 6-core CPU, the fastest CPU in a smartphone, with two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, making iPhone SE up to 1.8x faster than iPhone 8, and even faster compared to older models. The 16-core Neural Engine is capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second, enabling faster machine learning computations for third-party applications

A15 Bionic packs a powerful 6-core CPU, the fastest CPU in a smartphone, with two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, making iPhone SE up to 1.8x faster than iPhone 8, and even faster compared to older models. The 16-core Neural Engine is capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second, enabling faster machine learning computations for third-party applications

Apple, on the other hand, demonstrates how well the operating system can be tailored to the hardware. Because our test PDF file loads in just 1.3 seconds on the iPhone. The iPhone SE (2022) obtains 80 frames per second in the graphics benchmark. As a result of its exceptional value, the Apple smartphone is ranked among the best gadgets in our performance rankings. Furthermore, the current processor assures that the gadget has up-to-date 5G capability and is future-proof.

When it comes to the battery, the data sheet initially raises some concerns: The new iPhone SE has a battery capacity of only 2,018 mAh, according to Apple. As an example: The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 4,373 mAh. But it also demonstrates what a good combination of hardware and software can accomplish.

In test, the entry-level iPhone managed a runtime of 13:10 hours with the display turned on all the time. That should suffice for any long day with no issues. The subsequent loading pause will require some patience. To regain 100 percent battery capacity, the iPhone SE (2022) requires roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes. If this is too sluggish for you, you’ll have to dig deeper into your wallet and purchase a separate quick-charging power supply. There’s also wireless charging on board.

Following a big smartwatch recall, it appears that overheating is affecting more devices.

Source: Fitbot

A well-known smartwatch manufacturer is still struggling. Overheating caused burns to a number of other Fitbit users, according to reports. The company now has to answer to a court in the United States.

Fitbit, a Google company, appears to be having major issues with its devices overheating. Watches from the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Sense product lines are now now affected, according to “Ars Technica.” Fitbit Ionic smartwatches were recalled for the same reason a few weeks ago.

A defective battery was discovered to be the source of the issues at the time. 78 users were determined to have burns in the United States alone. Two of the instances were third-degree burns, while the other four involved second-degree burns. Other gadgets appear to be affected as well.

Following a big smartwatch recall, Google appears to be refusing to issue refunds.
Owners of a Fitbit Versa Light and a Fitbit Versa 2 in the United States are now complaining. They, too, have been burned. Fitbit, on the other hand, frequently blames “skin irritation” or “friction” for the injuries.

In addition to harming consumers, the actions also address Google’s treatment of fitness watch buyers. Customers should have been given a complete refund of their purchase price. Apparently, a large number of users are yet to get their funds.