Now common Corona symptom is an itchy throat.

According to a recent study, the signs and symptoms of Corona have changed over time. Itchy throat, nasal congestion, headaches, and dry cough are now new and prevalent signs and symptoms of Corona. The symptoms of recent victims of the epidemic were different from those of prior patients, according to British experts who looked at … Read more

WHO says that a person who contracts the global corona more than once develops other serious illnesses

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that a person who contracts the global corona more than once develops other serious illnesses. David Nabarro, WHO Special Representative for Code 19, revealed this in an interview. Multiple occurrences of coronary heart disease, according to DavidDavid Nabarro, can increase the risk of developing long-term corona (long covid), which … Read more

Boosters or not: For the time being, the majority of people do not require a fourth vaccine dose

For the time being, the mandatory vaccination campaign has failed, and the Omikron outbreak is gradually declining. Nobody knows for certain which corona variations will emerge in autumn or how contagious and dangerous they will be. But what happens now, in the summer, and especially in the autumn, with vaccinations? Who requires the second booster … Read more

WHO: So far no deaths from Omicron have been reported

The WHO estimates the probability that Omicron will spread worldwide as “increased”. It has classified the variant as “worrying”.  Deaths as a result of an infection with the coronavirus variant Omicron have not yet been reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier announced on Friday in Geneva. The WHO is collecting the data on … Read more

Data released on the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines for the prevention of delta

Covid-19 vaccines manufactured by Chinese companies are very effective in preventing corona type delta. This was revealed in two different medical research reports in China. According to a study , vaccines developed by Chinese companies to control the Delta epidemic in the Chinese province of Guangzhou proved to be 59% effective in preventing symptomatic disease. … Read more

The effectiveness of vaccines may decline over time, but solid protection remains, research reports

Protection against coronavirus from vaccines decreases over time, but the risk of hospitalization is much lower even weeks after vaccination. This is released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention three research reports were stated in. The data from these research reports came as the United States decided to give people a third … Read more